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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Chaos magick / punk crossover

Nick Blinko of Rudimentary Peni contributor to Chaos International!

A few months ago, Tinsel sent me a copy of Nick Blinko's book The Primal Screamer first published in 1995, now on its third edition. It has a short section on the Wapping Autonomy Anarchy Centre which have scanned in. Nick's group Rudimentari Peni played there several times - pushing the boundaries of 'punk' to the edge and beyond.

This morning I went to scan in the cover Chaos International 3 (1987) and thought it looked familiar. It was drawn by 'Nicholas Blinko', who also contributed art work to CI 4 and maybe more- haven't
checked yet.

So there in black n white is an independent ( i.e. nothing to do with me) link from the anarcho-goth-punk scene of 80/84 with chaos magick.

Chaos magick, or results magic as it was first called, is strongly linked wth Leeds where it emerged in 1978/9 - contemporary with the Gang of Four. However I doubt if there was any actual connection at that time.

Here are some scans to illustrate the overlap.


Blogger trepanadx said...

are these zines available to be doenload somewhere??
they look really good!

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