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As all that is solid melts to air and everything holy is profaned...

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Industrial landscape

Up early this morning to try and take some photos on a frosty morning. Walked round Carlingwark Loch to phot the crannog site and also these flares of light - reflections of reflections, sunlight hitting windows of old folks home and then bouncing off the surface of the loch.

240 years ago this was an industrial landscape, the loch partially drained so that marl (lime rich clay ) could be extracted. A short canal was built in 1765 to carry barges fileld with marl upstream.

As I was waiting for the sun, I was thinking about Simon's book and the way he related different groups to their places of origin- industrial decay in seventies Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester and the musics which came out of those cities. I think he also mentions Throbbing Gristle and Hackney in a similar context.

Hackney was then and still is a London version of
decaying Victorian industrial environment. But when
I asked Gen (1984ish) if he had been 'inspired' by Hackney
he said NO. He hated the place and was only too happy
when PTV relocated to Brighton. Not sure when they did
but they were there by 1990 - Maggie and Mike
(Soror Nema and Frater Lyrus/ Maat magick) visited
them there. I could be suffering false recovered
memory syndrome, but have vague notion
that Gen popped into our flat in Hackney to visit M and M
when they first arrived.

Maggie also visited with K. Grant on that trip.

Typical, I came up with a whole narrative this
morning about Cabaret Voltaire, the Fall . TG etc and
now it has gone.


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