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As all that is solid melts to air and everything holy is profaned...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Kill Your Pet Puppy 5 June 1982

OK here we go now, another sociology lecture, a bit of psychology, a bit of neurology, a bit of fuckology, no fun... But it was fun, it still is lots of fun. Or was it? Is it? Min and Bob have both questioned that. The actuality of survival living in squats was not fun. What may seem in hindsight as a creative and exciting time was not at the time. The feeling of 'Isolation' (Joy Division song) of being alone amidst all the anarchic chaos and confusion has to be set against attempts to historicise and recuperate the reality.

Here are some pages from KYPP 4, created in the midst of it all. The same issue had a piece
by me on The Wise Wound
(about menstruation), by Cory on 'Make up
for Urban Guerillas'
Iggy on the Sex Gang Children
Tony on The Turdburglars and
lots more.

My bit on the Centro Iberico /Wapping is pasted back to front.
Sorry. Also note Ecology Party flyer -this became the Green Party...
and so gives a link from KYPP/ Punk to Undercurrents and pre-punk
radical alternative counterculture.


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