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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

gay punx rip it up and start again

Had gmail fromIan about 51 Huntingdon Street and an article Pip wrote about Gay Punx. We used this in Kill Your Pet Puppy 4 , although in cut up form - here it is. It should enlarge when clicked on, but not sure how readable it will be.

51 Huntingdon Street features in on old blog 'Subway surfing anarcho-goth-punks' - about going to a Barracudas gig at the Hope and Anchor and the discovery of a 'Parallel Universe' in a squatted church on Pentonville Road. I think also mentioned in very first( March) blog 'In the beginnnig there was punk'.

Just got (this morning) Simon's book on post-punk. Bit embarassing, should have had it months ago but had some problems with Amazon refusing to accept my money... and not on sale locally. But then my fault for living in a cultural wasteland. Lovely scenery though.

Already spotted that Simon mentions theLeeds Futuramas as beginnings of Goth. And Richard's NME Positive Punk
piece. KYPP seemed to straddle ths future divide, between
'anarcho-punk' and 'goth'. More on this theme to follow.

Plus have now finished the Rites of Spring book. Wrote a
whole chunk on it and implications- kultur vs zivilisation
but it vanished into cyberspace never to return. Curses.
So will have rip it up and start again. But see Simon has
several mentions of Dada in his book, so maybe a chance to


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Alistair for putting up the article from KYPP 4. I can just about read most of it!

The church in Pentonville Road has now been converted into office space, but the graveyard has been made into a little park in honour of the clown Joseph Grimaldi, who is buried there.

It was a strange place when it had gigs on back in the day. A brew crew hung around, mostly older men. They used to tax people going in by demanding a can or a swig out of a cider bottle: "Just checking it for drugs, son."

8:11 pm  

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