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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Raincoats: In Love

I have these three Raincoats songs on vinyl, but it is 31 years old and a bit crackly. Since history has been re-written it is meant to be 'post' punk. Still sounds like punk to me. Punk as DIY.

Raincoats :Adventures Close to Home

The Raincoats: Fairy Tale in a Supermarket

Friday, August 07, 2009

Joly MacFie on punk and IT

My career as Music Editor at International Times

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 at 10:39pm

Simon Reynolds has taken to introducing me to people as 'A former music editor' at International Times..

Although true I find it a little embarassing as it was 1) only brief, 2) very late in the life of the illustrious UK underground paper, and 3) being the during the punk period I was able to eschew all professional practices and just scribble on my badly pasted up pages.

I sold the paper at the Better Badges Roundhouse badge stall and our greatest moment, without a doubt, was in Jan 1977, putting out an issue with the screaming headline PUNK IS DEAD! just as most people were catching on.. Apart from that I just used it to plug a few of my hippie pals like the Pink Fairies, Hawkwind, and their offspring like Motorhead and the Lightning Raiders. I'd also give mentions to the punk bands I was making badges of.

Simon just forwarded me a link to a pretty comprehensive (but not full) archive of the publication and I am thus able to present the actual evidence..

The server I'm sorry to say is a bit slow!

My first (anonymous) appearance in IT - this front page story, which occurred in my (mother's) Morris 1100

When IT, after a hiatus, was restarted in 76 it didn't have a music editor. A college pal
Nigel Cook was art director so I joined in. There was an IBM Selectric but I just scribbled
most of the copy.

Jan 77
Tipi People. Lightning Raiders. Motorhead. Hawkwind. Pink Fairies. Patti Smith. Ramones.

Feb 77
The aforementioned "PUNK IS DEAD!" cover
and here, my contrib to the issue, note more DIY typesetting, inspired by PUNK mag
w pic of Barbara & Sue Gogan
and also
w/pic of Mark P
The laundro piece got IT banned from a number of left-wing bookstores as the last
straw in sexism..

and in Mar 77
can't think how I came to add that J.Airplane item
Censorship at Sniffing Glue shock horror!


Hippie news
Punk reviiews w/mashed up layout - Sandy Robertson aboard
Pete Sinfield interview over my objections and Stable Diet an old it regular
I take the piss by adding the Hendrix Lives badge, but looking now I see Stable was onto GBH
years ahead..

Also in this issue the beginning of the wide awake papers by Hetty & Angus
I got on with them, an old hippy couple. It was only later that I found out Angus MacLise was
a founding member of VU..

May 77

evidently had my first visit from Gretton hence Slaughter
'Do The Standing Still' blew me away
Did John Cale's band really quit after he snuffed a live chicken at The Greyhound?
Stable trashed. QUintessence for the hippies. Radio Stars are big!
Angus & Hetty assimilate punk

Jun 77
Twink coins ACID PUNK. I theorise that the Sex Pistols are the new Pink Fairies.
Stable trashed. 3rd Ear Band revamped. Sandy reviews Chilton. Ongoing Lightning Raiders campaign.

Jul 77
Pages 20/21 missing!!
Better Badges Mail Order & Bizzarre Distro ads

I've got a feeling that the new tight-ass typeset look and style led to me to quit
during this isuue
Clash in studio - That's my headline alright
typeset Adverts/Johnny Moped - untouched by me by look of things

Sep-Dec77 are missing

I write a column. Better Badges ad.

Mar 78
Better Badges ad mentions 2p royalty

This is when I got seriously busy with badges and I believe purchased the
PMT camera, hence sophisticated layout and screened pix on next piece.

Apr 78
I get to do my own typesetting! Usual Twink/Raiders stuff + PVC from Berlin
Same BB ad

May 78
There's a Sex Pistols interview that si nothing to do with me.
Same BB AD.

Jun 78
New BB ad - you know I was rushed/out of it when I put the DEVO asterisk badge in twice!
RAF requested by Strummer. I totally don't recall what Dr Death was about.
Note Prag-Vec opening at Acklam.

Jul 78
same BB ad

May 79
Hard Lines ad - BB side business offering t-shirts/fanzines/DIY cassettes
also Animal Lib Badges ad

Jun 79
Same BB Ad

jan 80
Set of badges made for IT

Jun 80
BB/ Hard Lines/Fanzine Ads - listings of other products: GAS Tapes / Fuck Off Records / Kill Your Pet Puppy.

Joly MacFie 917 442 8665 Skype:punkcast
WWWhatsup NYC - http://wwwhatsup.com
http://pinstand.com - http://punkcast.com

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Clash in IT

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