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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Mob on vinyl 16th July 2012

Original art work for Let the Tribe Increase by The Mob. 

This is latest news from Overground Records:
The Mob 'Let The Tribe Increase' gets a limited edition vinyl release on July 16th. Packed in a gatefold cover it'll feature the original full colour artwork that didn't make it onto the All The Madmen pressing.

I remember sitting in the kitchen at [Kill Your Pet] Puppy Mansions with Mark Wilson of The Mob working out how much it would cost to make an album and jotting down some figures for recording costs, pressing  costs etc. Mark then went to see Rough Trade who said they wold cover the pressing and printing costs if he could find the recording costs. I chipped in some money as did Mick Lugworm... and Let the Tribe Release was born..

UPDATE - just found out that the above pic will be on the inside and the original as released front and back sleeve on the outside. Some text I wrote for the Overground cd re-release will also be included. Which I am rather chuffed about...

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