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As all that is solid melts to air and everything holy is profaned...

Monday, November 13, 2006

Nuclear Socketts/ Honour before Glory

I should get the Anti-Capitalism cd soon. I have (almost) finished reading The Day the Country Died. I looked in my collection of vinyl and tried to listen to the few 'mainstream' anarcho-punk singles that I found. Oh dear. They really are dire.

Then I found a ep from 1980 by the Nuclear Socketts from Kings Lynn - not mentioned in Glasper book. It would appear to be typical example - a group of very young lads inspired by punk and living in west Norfolk. But it sounds ... different. Zounds would be nearest comparison.

It is musical and listenable, but still deals with same themes , e.g. titles like 'Spy in my Brain' and 'Potential Killers'. Makes me wonder.

Did Crass by encouraging via their Bullshit Detector series and promotion of (e.g. Dirt - I listened to their Reject Refuse Object Abuse single and it is as awful as I remember) Crass clones encourage rather than challenge the 'tuneless thrash' version of anarcho-punk ?

Compare and contrast All the Madmen. AtM did not release an endless stream of 'Mob clone' records. The Astronauts, Flowers in the Dustbin, Zos Kia, Blyth Power, Thatcher on Acid etc. and - the might have been - Anarka and Poppy ; were a totally diverse mix of groups and musics. None sounded like The Mob.

To which, to speculate wildly beyond the constraints of budgets and practicalities, one might add Blood and Roses, Hagar the Womb, the music Mouse created and later Amodali's music.

But then the past is another country and we are middle aged now. My kids and 99% of people I now know can't imagine that a flabby, boring middle aged git like me who is now (locally at least) best known for campaigning against Tesco was ever involved in anything which might just be called interesting.

Its all history now. Literally - as wehn my daughter came home from school four years ago with a handout about Greenham Common for her Standard Grade history class. I said "This can't be histiry, your mum was there". She shrugged.

It is all his (her) story. We are the wilting( shriveled up and turned to dust) flowers in the dustbin of history.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought I should say: I've been reading the blog for some time now, and thoroughly enjoying it (along with being stimulated mentally)...

I was a young man when punk was an explosion and grew u[p in the sticks, but was lucky to meet a good friend (my new neighbour) which led to us making fanzines and starting a band - very much in the Crasstafarian mode...
We used to read Kill Your Pet Puppy (I still have a red and black KYPP badge actually!) and other fanzines (such as Cobalt Hate, Aftermath, Enigma, Scum, Toxic Grafity, and so on), and was lucky enough to have travelled to London to see a few concerts at places like the Wapping anarchy centre, Centro Iberico, LMC and Meanwhile Gardens...

It's great to read your ruminations on that period in time - particularly as my knowledge of it is certainly 'from a distance' (I would write to Andy martin a lot and ask him endless questions about musicians and fanzine writers in London! It must have driven him insane!)...



4:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Overground Records have a forthcoming NUCLEAR SOCKETS CD, as well as THE MOB's 'I Ching' demo!

11:57 am  

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