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Friday, November 04, 2005

"Crass were Sham 69 clones " shock horror exclusive

Was Jimmy Pursey the 'power behind the throne' of Crass?

Were Crass really Hersham boys (n girls)?

If the kids had been united, could they ever have been defeated?

For these AND EVEN MORE ASTOUNDING REVELATIONS (thanks to 'fastnbulbous' dot com) - read on...

The Essex-based Crass was an extreme example of a band who incorporated the ideals of their lyrics into their lifestyle. Formed in Hersham, Essex, England in 1976, in the Sham 69 image, they soon evolved into an anarchist commune. The band established several independent record labels and an information service.

Crass espoused the ideals of anti-violence, feminism, and flushing out hypocrisy in organized religion in the context of their ear- damaging vehemence on their records. By their second album, Stations of the Crass, they dismissed the influential Sham 69 as full of hot air by doing a parody of them called "Hurry Up Garry," which is also a wicked snipe at the music business. They also summarized their scorn of punk as merely a fashion concept on "White Punks on Hope." Crass reached their peak in Penis Envy by drawing an ugly parallel between rampant sexism and white man's rape of nature and society.

While eventually finding themselves embroiled in legal battles with various government agencies, Crass stood as a successful model of dead-serious political commitment in the punk/skinhead movement.

Several bands reflected Crass's influence both politically and "musically," including The Ex in Amsterdam, The Gang of Four and The Mekons in Leeds, The Au Pairs in Birmingham, The Pop Group in Bristol, The Fall in Manchester and Liliput in Switzerland.

Skinheads not into Oi! or Crass temporarily kept the suss alive inside the Northern Soul movement, until it crashed on its face with the rise of disco.

For more such startling revelations, see :



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sent some interview questions to Crass in Summer 79, and a few weeks later got back the original question sheets with the answers handwritten between the answers. Can't remember the Q OR A 100% but On being asked what was their message amm sure the response was " Our message is the same as Sham 69, in us wanting the kids to be united"

3:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the above came from Sean McGhee

4:02 pm  

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