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Friday, October 28, 2005

The Mob at Meanwhile Gardens 1982 or 1983?

Just found these photos of The Mob playing at Meanwhile Gardens in the summer of 1982. Or was it 1983?

Just tried to post enlarged versions but not working.

Sean (see comment) wonders if the Crass banner in the bottom picture
had been 'liberated'... don't know. I do remember the young person holding it. He was a very young (14/ 15 year old ) Mob fan from somewhere like
Tunbridge Wells - I have a vague memory of meeting him again afew years later, when he had become a 'new age traveller'. But I could be wrong.

In the top picture I have spotted Tom Vague (with blond big hair at back) plus Lou, Val and Nicki.

In the middle picture there is Les at the left and the back of Mark Mob's
brother Paul in the centre.

There were a few other photos taken the same day but I can't find them.

I have also found some "Stop the City" posters Dave Morris [McLibel Trial] sent me after Pinki died - but couldn't get them to upload to this blogzine.

So it goes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't that a half-inched Crass banner on the bottom pic? Like the way its being displayed sort of like a war trophy.

12:16 pm  

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