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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Career opportunities in rubber wear

Got this back to front. This first photo is me hard at work at London Rubber Company in March 1983.

The second photo was taken in 1978.

In 1977/78 I worked here, at the J. Allen Rubber Company , Lydney, Gloucestershire. I am in this photo - third from right in front row

The End? This was the last shipment of an entire rubber glove factory to Malaysia. It was the second we built. Once rubber glove production was up and running in Malaysia, the factory in Lydney was shut down. This happened about 1981.

I was in London then, working at the head office/ main factory site, of LRC (London Rubber Company) on the North Circular Road where it cross the river Lea.

That factory shut down as well a few years later. It made Durex condoms as well as rubber gloves.

I finally got out of rubber in 1983 - it was all getting a bit smelly and sticky- and bacem 'manager' of All the Madmen records.


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