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Saturday, October 22, 2005

KYPP 3/ 1980

This was last KYPP printed by Joly/ Better Badges. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Alistair
I found your blog while I was trying to organise an archive of my old Bauhaus memorabilia... I'm wondering whether or not it's possible that KYPP 3 might've actually come out around mid 1981, rather than 1980? The reason I ask is because I'm pretty sure the Bauhaus single 'Telegram Sam' (reviewed in KYPP 3) wasn't released til Oct 1980, and the recording of 'Rosegraden Funeral of Sores' (also discussed in the Bauhaus interview) first appeared on the 12'' version released in November.

Or did the zine maybe get promo copies quite a few months in advance of the official release?

There are also a few conflicting sources out there about whether the Peter Powell session (also mentioned as having been recorded on the day of the interview) was recorded in 1980 or early 1981...

I notice issue 2 seems to be from early 1980 whereas KYPP 4 didn't come out til Sept 1981... pretty big gap between summer 1980 and Sept 1981?

10:12 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

I checked the details of KYPP 3 with Tony himself... the Bauhaus interview was done by Brett in summer 1980... but the record review of Telegram Sam single by Bauhaus was by Tony after he came back in autumn 1980...


Here is what Tony said:

"I went to Europe in May 1980 and left KYpP to the collective. Brett interviewed Bau Haus, Honey Bane and Cuddly Toys during the summer of 1980. I'm guess Brett is the characters 'Joey Street Wise' and 'Basil Haw Haw mentioned in my introduction.

It was out in Autumn 1980. But due to Anarchy Centres/Centro Ibericos and stuff this issue was sold as 'current' up until the KYPP [No. 4]which had a small print run and almost completely sold out of the first run at Day's Of Future Past Festival in Leeds (?) in 1981.

Which means people were buying it in 1981 as the current issue. "

11:05 pm  

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