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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Tesco blocked?

Further to below- front page Galloway News today Thursdau 23 June - Garden Centre plan rejected.

Many rumours flying around, but although I haven't found a way to post direct info here, local anti-Tesco campaign taken a new twist. It is a pdf file, see it here http://rpu.dumgal.gov.uk/xpedio/groups/public/documents/committee_reports/008966.pdf

Part of site Tesco want to build on currently occupied by a garden centre. Owner wanted to relocate to just outside of town site - but planning officer recomended refusal. Went to planning committee today (just- midnight as I write) Wednesday 22nd June. Already speculated that planning permission would be refused. Alleged by rumour/ gossip that if refused, owner would stay where he is and not sell site to Tesco...

Local info is that son of garden centre owner not keen on inheriting business. Maybe owner will use ( as yet unverified) planning refusal to ask Tesco to pay more for site and retire on proceeds...

Who knows. I am just confused. Why give Tesco planning permission for site and then refuse permission for relocation of garden centre, since without relocation of garden centre, Tesco can't happen? As Spock would say, it is "Illogical, Captain Kirk". If one Wills the end - Tesco- then surely one also Wills the means - relocation of garden centre ?

It makes no sense. Which is good at one level and worrying at another. Good if it scuppers tesco, but worrying if it means the planning process is irrational. Or maybe even that is good?

ARRGH! My brain hurts. Time for bed.


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