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As all that is solid melts to air and everything holy is profaned...

Friday, June 17, 2005

Did fanzines destroy the Mob?

When I became 'manager' of All the Madmen record label, a small ceremony took place where was given a large carrier-bag full of 'Letters to the Mob'. Amongst these letters, to which I did my best to reply, was the following, to which I did not reply.

Please note Question 29.

From Daz Russell of Caution fanzine circa 1983

1. Why do you always say that the individual are more important than The Mob?
2. Are you pleased with the lp?
3.Tell us about the 'Youth' single?
4. How many gigs have you done? How do you feel about doing them? Do you ever get any trouble at them? How do you deal with it?
5.How come you did 'Is God a Man' at one of your gigs? Do you do any other covers?
6. What is 'Roger' about?
7.Why did you put 'Witch Hunt' on the lp?
8.What and who is 'All the Madmen Records'?
9.In what way are you associated with Flowers in the Dustbin? What other bands are on 'All the Madmen' and do you gig with.
10. Have you ever been abroad to do gigs?
11.Are you a punk? Are you a punk band? What do you think of punk at the moment?
12. What is your definition of anarchy?
13.What are the songs about?
14. Which songs go down better live?
15. Why is there such a lot of old stuff on the lp?
16. Why are your records all rather expensive?
17. Would you go on Top of the Pops?
18.What is 'Raised in a Prison'' based on?
19.Have you been in the studio much? Do you enjoy studio or live working?
20.Is The Mob a money making venture? Do you work in any job? What are your views on work?
21.Have you any plans for gigs/records in the immediate future?
22.What would you do in the four minutes before a nuclear war?
23.What do you think of the current alternative scene?
24.What would you do if you were Prime Minister?
25.What do you think of all the 'punk' record compilations there are now?
26. What tapes are available? Do you have any live, practice or demos which are unreleased?
27.What do you think of the music press?Have you been in any? What do you read? Do you like fanzines?
28. What do you think of politics?
29.Is it true you have split up?
30.What is for the future?
31. Anything else you would like to add?


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