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Monday, July 22, 2013

The Mob- new single

The last record released by the Mob was a single, 'The Mirror Breaks' in 1983.

Very soon a new single by the reformed Mob - 'Rise Up/ There's Nothing You've Got I Want" will be released as MAD 23 on the re-born All the Madmen record label.

Louder than War have heard and reviewed the new Mob songs...

"“Rise Up” could easily have come from one of their early singles or the “Ching” tape – but whilst it sounds familiar, with a topical subject matter and the benefits of a modern recording it sounds fresh... Mark’s distinctive vocals pour out genuine anger against rulers worldwide: “Many palaces have tumbled, many walls have been knocked down, and many more will fall, many more will lose the ground.  They’ll pretend to understand and they’ll make a few amends but we’ve seen it all before and we’re not taking it again”.  I’m not sure if that’s a call to arms or just reportage about what’s been kicking off around the world in recent years and to be honest, it doesn’t matter.  The message is the same: Rise Up! - "

“There’s Nothing You’ve Got I Want” is the continuation of themes from their last single (until now!), “The Mirror Breaks” – both lyrically and musically.  This melodic, melancholy tune conveys a combination of resignation and frustration at being confronted by a shitty mainstream that won’t even let you go to opt out: “Where we live amongst the values we resent”.


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