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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Chaos in Glasgow, Anarchy in the UK

According to some commentators, if Labour lose the Glasgow East by-election, the United Kingdom will soon fall apart... The chances of Labour losing were increased when their chosen candidate failed to turn up for his selection meeting. Skeletons under the floorboards? This may be one...

From http://www.allmediascotland.com/media_releases/2952/eleven_glasgow_labour_councillors_under_investigation

Eleven Labour Glasgow City Councillors, including Councillor George Ryan, who last night suddenly pulled out of the contest to represent Labour in the crucial Glasgow East by-election, were reported to the Standards on 18 June 2008 in connection with a controversial land deal in the city centre.

The complaint surrounded their conduct in relation to the controversial attempt to close down the 150 year old Paddy’s Market in the city and obtain land on which the market is currently located.
The complaint which was submitted to the Standards Commission of Scotland by a representative of Paddy’s Market traders claimed that Councillor Ryan misled the council in a report he presented to the council’s Executive Committee which recommended the council purchase the head lease of the land where the market is situated and for the historic Paddy’s Market to be closed down.
The report which was presented by Councillor Ryan at a meeting on 20 March 2008, and subsequently led to the council’s endorsement of its recommendations, stated that the owners of the land had agreed to provide the lease at a reduced rate to the Council. However, the forty page complaint document submitted to the Standards Commission included information that clearly indicated that no such deal had been made with the council.

Councillor Ryan also faces investigation for other breaches of the Code of Conduct in relation to this matter along with ten other high profile Glasgow City Council Labour councillors including the Council leader, Steven Purcell.
Paddy’s Market representative, Brian Daly said:

“This market has been here for over 150 years, and my family has been trading here for three generations.  The Labour councillors who are intent on closing us down have failed in their responsibilities as elected members to engage with us at any time in relation to this.  They have, instead, chosen to make backroom decisions and bulldozer them through without any regard for the democratic process.
“The whole affair has been one of misrepresentation of the facts to the public, the media and to the council itself. We live in a democratic society yet, some of those who we trust to carry out duties on our behalf have chosen to make decisions and disregard the wishes of the electorate.
“Labour councillors refused to share vital information with other elected members from other political parties who also represent this area or include them in the vital stages of the decision making process. Instead there has been a sustained approach by some Labour councillors and council officials to make unsupported claims both in council and through the media locally in an attempt to gain public and council support for their project.
“Elected members who behave in such a way should and must be held fully accountable for their actions, and whilst it would be inappropriate for me to pre-empt the findings of the Standard Commission investigation, I believe the evidence against those Councillors involved is pretty damning. We won’t put up with the bully boy tactics of the council any longer. We very much look forward to the outcome of the investigation.”

For further information please contact Caroline Weintz – Fan Hitter PR on: 07717 326 919 or by email at caroline@fan-hitter.co.uk
Editors’ Notes
The other ten Labour councillors have been reported to the Standards Commission are: Councillor Steven Purcell – Council Leader
Councillor James Coleman – Deputy Leader of the Council
Councillor Aileen Colleran – Council Business Manager Councillor
Stephen Curran – City Treasurer
Bailie Gordon Matheson – local councillor for Paddy’s Market Bailie Hanzala Malik
Councillor Stephen Doran Councillor Archie Graham Councillor Ruth Simpson Councillor Shaukat Butt
The Code of Conduct for Councillors forms part of the Ethical Standards in Public Life etc. (Scotland) Act 2000
Paddy’s Market traders have submitted an alternative proposal to the landowners which, if accepted, would see them take over the head lease and to operate the facility on a community based co-operative system or trust.  The Paddy’s proposal details how they will regenerate the area whilst maintaining the current market community. It also places a strong emphasis on community involvement and social inclusion plans which would ensure that it continued to assist people from all walks of life.
Contact: Caroline Weintz
Phone: 07717 326 919
Email: caroline@fan-hitter.co.uk
Website: http://www.fan-hitter.co.uk


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