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Friday, March 28, 2008

Kilnair : 1669 - 2008

Ever since I found this 'tack' (= lease) of Kilnair near Lochinvar in the Glenkens of Galloway, wanted to visit to see what remains. This I have now done. If it wasn't midnight would say more.

I have found that the widow Margaret Neilson who set Kilnair in tack to John Greirson 'in' (i.e. tenant not owner) Fingland married Alexander Gordon who was a merchant in Balmaclellan in 1658 and was aunt to the Robert Neilsone of Barncailzie who witnessed it. Robert Neilson was a Roman Catholic - excommunicated by Presbyterians in 1704 - and had his dykes at Barncailzie levelled in 1724.

Kilnair was occupied into 20th century - found family history website which mentions a Mcfadzean born there in 1924.

The 'arrable / plowing land' mentioned survive as the greener patches around the steading. The building in photo is 19th/ 20th century-not the 17th century Kilnair.


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