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As all that is solid melts to air and everything holy is profaned...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Maria Lionza spirit queen mountain goddess

Stranger and stranger.

I can't do justice to the unfolding strangeness of this. I have written 5899.5 or so words in an attempt to link Thomas Carlyle's blurring of fact and fiction in his Sartor Resartus with Kenneth Grant's even more extensive adumbrations and into the mix fell a 'magic realism' writing of ethnography/ social anthropology by Michael Taussig - The Magic of the State. It reads like a J.G. Ballard novel and quotes William Burroughs' Cities of Red Night as a source. Burroughs was a member of the IOT and said this about Phil Hine's 'Condensed Chaos'

"Phil Hine's book is the most concise statement ... of the logic of modern magic. Magic, in the light of modern physics, quantum theory and probability theory is now approaching science. We hope that a result of this will be a synthesis so that science will become more magical and magic more scientific."

Out of The Magic of the State emerged (Chapter 13 'Money and Spirit Possession in Karl Marx) a link to Carlyle - via the cash nexus and 'all that is solid melts to air'... and a new goddess;
Maria Lionza.

I thought Taussig was making her up, but she is quite real. Very real. If you don't believe me . check this out:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI Sweetie,
I see you found our lovely lady of the topless wonderous greenery. marialionza.blogspot.com is my blog. I live in Miami, and am very drawn to her. I'll have to check out that Taussig guy, never heard of him. I did like the Cities of a Red Dawn a long time ago, peace

2:59 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maria Lionza is my Queen. If you want to understand her, find a way to go to Sorte - I was lucky enough to get that chance while I was doing some consultancy work in Venezuela. I went back four times in all. I have brought images of her and Dr Jose Gregorio back to Wales, where I have set aside a space in my house to worship her in the ways I have been taught. Slowly and with infinite joy she is taking over my life.

Of course, there's the little problem of animal sacrifice, but I've managed to put that off so far...

12:32 am  

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