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Friday, May 11, 2007

Anti- nuclear Alliance


1. The Scottish National Party and the Scottish Green Party have reached agreement
on how a new Government in Scotland will be established that pursues a progressive
programme and which places addressing climate change at the heart of its agenda.

2. The two parties agree on the following core issues and commit to working together
on them. Both parties:

i) oppose the building of new nuclear power stations;

ii) agree to early legislation to reduce climate-change pollution each year;

iii) have long believed that Scotland can be more successful with
independence and will work to extend the responsibilities of the Scottish
Parliament, always trusting the people to decide their constitutional

3. Therefore, the Scottish Green Party is committed to supporting the Scottish National
Party in the votes for First Minister and Ministerial appointments. For their part, the
Scottish National Party agrees to consult Scottish Green Party MSPs in advance
regarding the broad shape of each year’s legislative and policy programme (together
with any key measures announced in-year), and in relation to the substance of the
budget process. The Scottish National Party also agrees to nominate a Green Party
MSP as Convenor of a subject committee for which the SNP is the nominating Party.

4. In the context of the wider Parliamentary consultation and engagement involving all
parties which the SNP wants to see develop, they also agree to give sympathetic
consideration to issues raised by the Green Party in Parliament, including via Motions
and Members Bills.

5. The SNP and the Scottish Green Party believe this agreement sets an example for
the new Parliament of parties working constructively together, seeking consensus and
agreement, to deliver a progressive agenda for Scotland. Both Parties will consider
further opportunities to work together co-operatively, as other policy issues arise.

Alex Salmond Robin Harper
SNP Leader Scottish Green Party Co-convener
Shiona Baird
Scottish Green Party Co-convener


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