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Friday, October 13, 2006

Rubella Ballet website -wowee!

Having a search for reviews of Crass the Story and found one with a link to a Scottish punk bands website and a gig featuring Rubella Ballet. Surley some mistake?

But no, Zillah and Sid are still going strong.

Following taken from the site http://www.geocities.com/rubella_ballet/index.html

The film (see below) sounds fascinating - with Ruth of Hagar the Womb included...

At present Sid and Zillah are busy making a film, titled 'She's
a Punk Rocker'. The 1 hour documentary is about women
who became punks circa 1976, why they became punks,
what it did for them, the DIY ethos of punk. And includes
Interviews with Poly Styrene, Gay Advert, Bron & G Crass,
Vi subversa, Helen of Troy, Caroline Coon, Michelle
Brigandage, Ruth Hagar The Womb and many more.
Zillah is the producer/director and Sid is the editor.
“We have only recently started working on these projects
at home as we have only recently bought the equipment.
Previously for the last 10 years I have been making 'She's
a Punk Rocker' in free down time at Spectacle studios in
South London. We are also working with Steve Ignorant
producing a DVD of his live gig plus interviews from
Milton Keynes in 2000."
Other projects they are involved in are...
'Day-Glo Daze' A 60 minute DVD featuring Rubella Ballet on
Poly Styrene has written a new song that we are recording
together & making a promo DVD for.
“Sid also writes music for adverts his most famous can be checked out on BBC late at night. Its an NHS educational sexullly transmitted disease Chlomidiya. The music is Sid’s he can also be seen in the advert as the DJ spinning his own track. "
"We still need permanent guitarists who are willing to do all the gigs we are offered so we are auditioning now. We then hope to start touring Europe and America."

Gem is a mum of 2 young girls under 4. She no longer is involved with RB but as her mum is Vi she knows what’s going on, Pete Fender her brother & Vi Subversa’s son is our guitarist still. He was unable to play Punk Aid as we were not getting paid and he was being paid to record a group in his studio.

To contact the band themselves and hear their sounds and a load of other RB related sights and sounds go here.... WWW.MYSPACE.COM/RUBELLABALLET

To contact this site please email rubella_ballet@yahoo.com


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's good to see they are still playing...

The Hagar the Womb record goes for quite a few pounds now: it's part of the 'collectors zeal' on Amazon...


4:02 pm  

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