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As all that is solid melts to air and everything holy is profaned...

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Alternative Sex and Greenham 1983

Alternative Sex was an anarcho and feminist zine published in October 1983 from 103 Grosvenor Avenue London N5. The magazine was collectively written by Val, Nicky, Illyane,Angie, Beck, Steph, Jenny, Griet, Debbie, Mouse, Lorraine and Lou. It was put together at 96 Brougham Road which was one of a row of squatted houses in Hackney.

103 Grosvenor Avenue was one of 4 houses in the Islington based Black Sheep Housing Co-operative.103 was also home to two members of the Mob and All the Madmen Records as well as two other fanzines-  Kill Your Pet Puppy and the Encyclopaedia of Ecstasy. Andy Palmer of Crass lived in one of the Black Sheep Houses as did Bob Short of Blood and Roses.[I think!]. I have also added two pages from Vague 15 written by Anna and Maria about Greenham. Anna and Maria also lived in one of the Black Sheep Co-op houses at the time. Click on the pages to enlarge them

The next two pages are  by Anna and Maria from Vague 15 about the Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp. The contact adress given is 109 Corbyn Street which was another of the Black Sheep Housing Co-op houses. The last image is of Pinki (on the left) at Greenham in 1983. 

Do I need to add any thing to this blog post? Does it need to be interpreted? To be contextualised? I am wondering because I know that punk/ anarcho-punk is now the focus of several academic/ historical studies and part of at least one university course. 

But it isn't just history. Hagar the Womb who were a musical manifestation of Alternative Sex have reformed so to end with here is a clip of Hagar playing live in March 2014.



Blogger Unknown said...

HI Alistair, i'm creating an audio/image documentary for LGBT History Festival, and I would like to use images about the zine Alternative Sex and Greenham from your blog. I will of course thank you in the credits. May I?

PS I'm self funded, and am neither a historian or a film maker. I used to be a lesbian anarchist squatter, still some of those things! and am making the film to capture our memories. the working title is London Rebel Dykes from the 1980s. I'll put it up on vimeo when i've finished, and I'll share on here.

11:17 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

yes you can use the images Siobhan

12:23 am  

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