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As all that is solid melts to air and everything holy is profaned...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

1985...in England's dream a nightmare...2005

This is an article I wrote for International Times, published in 1986. 

It is rather bleak, but then the year had begun with the eviction of Molesworth peace camp followed by the Battle of the Beanfield in June. I then spent a couple of months living on travellers' site-Greenfields farm just outside Glastonbury with survivors of both events. I mention 1 June and Stonehenge surrounded with barbed wire in the article. Twenty years later I produced my own IT as a 'Beanfield Memorial'. I will add it below. 

International time -IT- began in 1966 and continued on through punk into the eighties. There is a complete archive here. The last issue was in 1994- apart from this one.


Blogger Unknown said...

The 'original IT Girl' is really Theda Bara!
Sadly not Clara Bow!

11:08 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

On the other hand...

"It" is a 1927 silent romantic comedy film which tells the story of a shop girl who sets her sights on the handsome and wealthy boss of the department store where she works. It is based on a novella written by Elinor Glyn and originally serialized in Cosmopolitan magazine.

Because of this film, actress Clara Bow became a major star of the highest magnitude, and a result, became known as the "It girl".


3:07 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The paper's logo is a black-and-white image of Theda Bara, vampish star of silent films. The founders' intention had been to use an image of actress Clara Bow, 1920s It girl, but a picture of Theda Bara was used by accident and, once deployed, not changed.

9:48 pm  

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