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As all that is solid melts to air and everything holy is profaned...

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Resistance is fertile - Crass and permaculture

Graham Burnett 1981ish

There is a fascinating piece on Kill Your Pet Puppy  about (amongst other things) Crass' last gig and  permaculture. Read and listen here.  

Following is extract...

Much of what Crass dealt with as a band was dark and frightening, particularly towards the end, in the period that followed the Falklands War, when it became clear just how far The State would go in order to protect its power. But despite this their message was always essentially positive; that behind the ugliness, brutality and violence that we are expected to accept as normality there lies the rarely glimpsed beauty, creativity and barely fathomed potential of the human spirit. Crass never used the word permaculture, but their vision of an alternative to a society which is anything but earthright and sustainable, and where we can all live fulfilled lives in harmony with nature’s patterns, struck a chord with many people that I’ve since met within world-change movements. Diggers, dreamers, ‘New Age’ travellers, road protesters, animal rights campaigners, self-builders, anti-globalisation activists and permaculture designers – there is a generation out there who one way or another drew inspiration from their central message that ‘There Is No Authority But Yourself’.
Graham Burnett 2012


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