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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Save Roseberry Ave Anarchy Centre!

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The 'Peace Centre' was a loosely organised squatters collective that opened in 1983 on Rosebery Avenue in Northeast London. It was called the 'Peace Centre'as it was owned by the left-wing Greater London Council who had designated 1983 to be 'Peace Year'. Regular benefit concerts were held in the basement. The centre was raided in the night preceding the first 'Stop The City' demonstration by riot cops expecting a bomb factory. Many of the original squatters grew tired of arguments between vegetarians and vegans/animal rights activists. Some were involved in subsequent squatted community centres such as the Bingo Hall at Highbury Corner (now The Garage music venue). The centre was closed in 1984 when the vacant office building it occupied was redeveloped.

The centre had a completely open-door policy with regard to who lived there with literally anyone being able to walk in off the street and live there for free. The full-time squatters' rooms adjoined a large communal room where visitors came and went and parties took place. On the ground floor there were free bookshops and, for some time, a vegan cafe which supplied free food for residents, visitors and local homeless people.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the same building went on to be (but isn't anymore) amnesty international British HQ

3:35 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to live in the Rosebery Ave Squat in 1983. Still got the exact same article from "Time Out" here at home. (Sorry I havent send it to you yet, Luggy).
I would very much appreciate hearing from people who used to stay / live at the place, also I would love to hear from the Camden Road Lot.

Love Kathrine


7:32 pm  

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