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As all that is solid melts to air and everything holy is profaned...

Friday, November 02, 2007

Chaos Marxist aphorisms


Here is a random selection from above

YOU ARE WHAT YOU DO. If you want to be something else, do something else.

Politics, magick, psychology, advertising, propaganda are ALL THE SAME THING – attempts to describe and alter consciousness.

History will prove you right.

Marxist revolutionary politics seek the coming to consciousness of the vast majority of people in the world – the goal of magick, the tools of politics.

The central goal of Chaos Marxism is to integrate chaos magick and dialectical materialism.

Consumer culture is the opium of the 21st century masses.

The Real World of Horrible Jobs is everything that the Corporate Egregore sees as “chthonic” or even the Qlippoth. It’s the dirty underside which you’re not even supposed to look at. Here lies power, for those brave enough to grab it - but only collectively, not individually.

Dialectical materialism is the process of seeing which futures are possible, based on the contradictions of the present, and what kind of pressure on what kind of points right now will bring about which future

Meaning is material.
Ideas are material.
Ideas become real forces when they seize the masses.

The "individuality" you are so proud of is also a mass-produced consumer product.
Once you accept that reality is individual rather than collective, you will never be a threat to the system.

The more I looked at the mystics and the psychonauts, the more I realised that for them "Question everything” meant "Question everything except the idea that individual consciousness is a thing unto itself which can be worked on in isolation".

If you start saying that people are not individuals - that they are created by their upbringing and the role they play in real, nasty, going-to-work-in-traffic society - then you open the door to the idea that only a social revolution can actually solve the real problems with humanity.

Everyone has their own part to play, no matter who or where they are.

Most people do not base their actions on rational thought related to material reality. They base their action on stories which they partly pick up from their culture and partly make up themselves.

Capitalism destroyed all the old myths, but then had to create new myths to continually expand consumption and win our consent to the system.

When corporate capitalism had succeeded in fulfilling the basic physical needs of its workforce, it then had to create new needs and desires in order to perpetuate itself.

Don't blame the media - become the media. Turn readers into writers, consumers into producers, buyers into sellers.


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