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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Anarchy in Croydon: Jamie Reid Exhibition

Thanks to Ian Bone and 3am mag for this...

Internationally renowned artist returns to Croydon College

In 1964 Jamie Reid enrolled at the Croydon Art School. In 1977 The Sex Pistols released their seminal debut album featuring artwork by Jamie Reid.

Next month sees Jamie Reid make a triumphant return to the College, now called Croydon Higher Education College and forming part of Croydon College. Having commissioned the College to rework several of his now iconic images in new colourways, Jamie will return on November 5th to open an exhibition into his work in the College’s recently refurbished Parfitt Gallery.

Between 1964 and his work for The Sex Pistols, Jamie Reid produced a body of work unparalleled in terms of graphic design practise and its use in questioning the British body politic, town planning, social engineering and the suburban dream.

The exhibition, which will run throughout November, will celebrate his pre-punk work and his time spent working in the Borough on the ‘Suburban Press’ (a radical neo-Situationist printing press) and his personal and political graphic statements. The exhibition will include many of his prints and the new reworked colourways of his now infamous image ‘Leaving the 20th Century’. The new editions are to be titled ‘Leaving the 21st Century’. As part of the exhibition images from the exhibition will also be projected onto the outside of the College’s Barclay Road building.

Croydon Higher Education College has been offering high quality specialist Higher Education courses for over 30 years. The College is the largest provider of Higher Education between London and Brighton and the sole provider of University level education within the London Borough of Croydon. The College continues to have a strong and vibrant Art Department but now also offers University level courses in subjects such as Business and Law.

The exhibition is in association with The Aquarium Gallery, London and will run from November 6th until November 29th. For more information regarding the exhibition including private view invitations, please email century21@croydon.ac.uk.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

More than a decade later in 1989, Jamie Reid, the so called Situationist artist at the finale of the opening night of the exhibition at the Pompidou Centre in Paris turned on the picket outside the exhibition protesting at this shameless recuperation with a snarling: “Fuck off you arty wankers”. The truth must always be inverted. After all aren’t Vermorel, Mclaren and Reid the arty wankers?

11:18 am  

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