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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Save Meanwhile Gardens Campaign

Save Meanwhile Gardens Campaign

Meanwhile Gardens in west London is under threat- the local council want to build luxury flats on the site.

On the new Mob cd ‘may inspire revolutionary acts‘ (due out 26 November) there are three live tracks recorded by Protag at Meanwhile Gardens in 1983 [Raised in a Prison, Gates of Hell and Witch Hunt).

Just had this e-mail

Hi Alistair,
The save meanwhile gardens campaign now has a website at www.savemeanwhile.com. We are trying to get as many people as possible to sign the online petition, which sends an email to all the powers that be.
Over the last 3 days, we had almost 200 unique visitors and the Council is taking notice. Your help in spreading the word would be great!
Amir Akhrif

There is not much on the website yet - mainly a Westway tv interview with a local councillor, but at http://www.mgca.f2s.com/ there is a PDF file of the Meanwhile Gardens 2006 Annual report. This has lots of pics of features in the Gardens and details of the work done.

Meanwhile Gardens date back to 1976. They survived Maggie Thatcher and Tony Blair, but it does not look like they will survive Gordon Brown and London’s new greed economy which is based on ’financial services ‘ or ‘lets make a lot of money and worry about it later’.

Now is later, so start worrying and get active. Meanwhile Gardens is part of the forgotten/ denied history of ‘Cultures of Resistance’ which greengalloway exists to remember. So if you remember Meanwhile Gardens, support the campaign…


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