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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

New Mob cd out now

I was quietly celebrating my 49th (cough) birthday on Sunday when I got an e-mail from John Esplen of Overground Records asking for my address so he could send me a copy of their new Mob record : "May inspire revolutionary acts" : OVER115VP CD

It came this morning. It has 20 tracks, the first 9 taken from the 1981 Ching cassette, then a version of Crying Again from 1979, the original (pre- Penny Rimbaud remix) version of No Doves Fly Here, 4 tracks from the 1980 'A Tribute to Bert Weedon' cassette and the final three tracks recorded live at Meanwhile Gardens 1983. Plus a booklet of photos, Mob graphics and details of the original recordings ... and some text by myself.

Listening to it has sent a few shivers down my back bone. My memories of those early eighties days seem so distant, so far away, yet the music is so fresh, so immediate. Timeless even.

I could say more. But then I already have. So go and do yourself a favour, unplug your mp3 player and try another flavour... and let the tribe increase.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy birthday for last Sunday Alistair!
Looking forward to THE MOB CD. My tape copy of 'Ching' is shedding oxide fast! Been a good time recently for classic bands getting archived what with the BLOOD & ROSES, FLOWERS IN THE DUSTBIN & NUCLEAR SOCKETTS reissues.
Always enjoy reading this blogs.

8:24 am  

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