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Monday, October 15, 2007

Kill Your Pet Puppy Lives Again!

Tony D. has just told me that the Kill Your Pet Puppy website is now live.

Here is the link:


Here is what Tony says About KYPP:

KYPP was started by Tony D as a reaction to the way the original punk movement had been sucked into the hated Record Industry establishment.

Tony D was the founder and publisher of Ripped & Torn. When Thatcher was elected as prime minsister Tony moved to Europe and lived a bohemian lifestyle. Tony returned in September of that year and began work on a new publication that reflected punk life as it was under the Thatcher cosh: squatting, skinhead BNP attacks, speed being replaced by tuinol and scraping a rainbow life from the hell of reality.

This new publication became a reality after Joly of Better Badges agreed to print the new publication (then title unknown) in as many crazy colours as Tony wanted. Both wanted to experiment.

A name was born in the puppy collective hell of one room squatted by eight people with no bathroom or running water. Kill Your Pet Puppy was the chosen moniker.

The first issue was finished in time for the Ants new years eve concert at the Electric Ballroom Dec 79/Jan 80.

500 copies were finished and taken to the event. 500 copies were sold that night.

Nothing was to be the same again.

Kill Your Pet Puppy was alive.


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