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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Story of Crass: The Interview

Andrew Gallix of 3am magazine has just done an interview with George Berger, author of 'The Story of Crass ' (see link above).

Only just found and read interview. It is only just out, but covers a lot of ground, very good on exploring the contradictions between Crass the band and the people formerly known as Crass.

Read it here http://www.3ammagazine.com/3am/

Go on, click on the link. It really is good stuff.

Image to right from Kill Your Pet Puppy No. 1 January 1980

And the Futurist theatre goes... Dada Dada Dada... voices of animals, voices of men and women and screaming babies, screaming babies... SCREAMING BABIES in all our decadence people still die. In all our decadence... the chickens have come home to roost...in Vietnam, in Iraq. There are no spectators, we all participate in the war between the powerful and the powerless...there is no neutral.

If this makes no sense [it is early Ants vs Crass reference - if Ants were Futurists, then were Crass Dadaists ? with a bit of FITD and the Pop Group thrown in for balance]

Then here is a more sensible sample from the interview

The Crass output became self-conscious and ‘preachy’ once they got an audience — I felt sorry for the people who were perhaps young and encountering Crass and punk for the first time at this juncture and so bought into an opinion as though it was a reality. The map is not the territory.

Andrew Gallix interviews Gerard Berger about Crass and the anarcho-punk movement.


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