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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Psychogeography of South London

Although I spent most of my yeras in London north of the Thames (in Ilford, Islington and Hackney) I was briefly a south Londoner - New Cross.

Thanks to Neil from New Cross I have found Transpontine at http://transpont.blogspot.com/

Part of the psychogeography of south London Transpontine are exploring are music links, and Neil has asked if I know of any...

Got three:

Mitch of Hagar the Womb / Snork Maidens / Flack lived on Nettleton Road 10 years ago.

Mouse of Psychic TV lived at 10 Nettleton Road mid/ late eighties (at no. 10)

Bob of Blood and Roses also lived at n0. 10 in late eighties.


Blogger . said...

Thanks for this, I have posted your info along with some other bits about Nettleton Rd.

Neil (Transpontine)

8:25 pm  

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