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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Galloway Levellers- again

At the beginning of January 2006 , I met with Professor Ted (E.J.) Cowan who is now Director of Glasgow University's Dumfries / Crichton Campus. Ted is an 'emminent' Scottish historian. Reason for meeting was to discuss possibility of me doing post-graduate research.- M.Lit. Scottish Cultural Studies.

We had a very fruitful conversation and Ted suggested I should do research on the Galloway Levellers - but would need to find £3000 to pay tuition fees. This funding problem has yet to be resolved [ I am a poor wee widower with a disabled son and so part of the state benefit underclass]- but in the meantime am pressing on with research on the Galloway Levellers and will worry about the funding later.

But it does mean I need to write about 50 000 words on the Levellers. I have blogged well more than that here - but to go academic means a more hard core regime - have to back up everything from 'legitimate' sources. Which I am doing, but does mean this history of the counterculture will have to take back seat for a while - about a year I reckon.

If anyone has a pressing counterculture question, you can contact me via AlistairLiv at (i.e. @) aol.com

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