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As all that is solid melts to air and everything holy is profaned...

Friday, August 05, 2005

This text is spoken in a blackout

No future... for globalisation.

We are now due for another folding up of the periodic global trade fair as the industrial nations enter the tumultuous era beyond the global oil production peak, which I have named the long emergency. The economic distortions and perversities that have built up in the current era are not hard to see, though our leaders dread to acknowledge them. The dirty secret of the US economy for at least a decade now is that it has come to be based on the ceaseless elaboration of a car-dependent suburban infrastructure - McHousing estates, eight-lane highways, big-box chain stores, hamburger stands - that has no future as a living arrangement in an oil-short future.

Or so says James Howard Kunstler in the Guardian on 4th August 2005


Five weeks into school holidays, two more to go. Got two hours left of a respite break, so pushing the old blog boulder up the hill one more time. (Sisyphus, a classical analogy). But more a wheel chair than a boulder. Not that I am complaining, just it is difficult to do much more than hang on ... and its gone already. Daughter decided The Mob (was listening to Let the Tribe Increase) are too boring and I need to listen to the Violent Femmes.

So it goes. So much for the end of globalisation, my big question is when does parenting end? Not yet. Maybe it never does. Now she is standing with her hands on her hips glowering at me.

"Hurry up dad, I need to use the computer".

Well I could be awkward and sit here, but difficult to hit a riff under such circumstances.

"The old get old and the young get stronger
They've got the guns, but we've got the numbers
Move on over, we're taking over


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