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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Think of this as a house

To stop dirty squatters (song by Zounds) getting into empty houses, local councils in London used to brick / breeze block up doors and windows. This gave Situationist inspired folks the chance to spray paint slogans on them: "Imagine this as a window" or "Think of this as a door" - from the Paris 68 slogan "beneath the pavement, the beach" - in French though, being Paris, France rather than Paris, Texas. Or Paris, Hilton.

To condense a lengthy saga- which goes back ten years to trying to get a wheelchair ramp installed in a council flat on Northwold Estate in Hackney- the photos below show that work has begun on a housing association development which in about a year will include a ground floor disabled accessible and wheelchair friendly flat. If all goes to plan, will be living there next year.

I can't quite believe it. But now I have the photos to prove that it is going to happen. I won't really believe it until we are actually there and living it. All for now - daughter needs to use computer for 'five minutes'.


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